Asset Manager Toolkit

For valuation and compliance challenges of large asset managers

  • 45 minutes
  • Webex

How we can help you

We understand the challenges of large asset managers and hedge funds, not only with the constantly evolving nature of research valuation, compliance and commission regulations but also with that without flexibility package systems need to be replaced or re-thought every 3-5 years. MPI and our software partners Castine can provide an application suite that automates and simplifies all or part of the entire process and can flex with changing requirements. We have taken an alternative approach that offers a highly parameterised modular platform that can evolve as needs change.  Taking this ‘building block methodology’ it offers a major step forward over historical approaches and is proven by already serving a number of Top 50 Global asset managers.  We would like the opportunity to introduce the technology to your firm, even if only as a frame of reference for your current solution and arrange a brief demonstration.  Based on responses from other firms, you'll find it very informative.

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