Solve your MiFID research & inducement challenges

Broker-dealers, research brokers, and independent research providers must manage their MiFID II-regulated reporting around pricing, invoicing, payments, and inducement oversight. MiFID II has motivated sell-side firms to ensure that they are not providing inducements to their clients. Most notable inducement concerns:

  • All services that were formerly free must now be priced and paid for
  • Any services that are “under billed” might be construed as an inducement to a client and are thus in violation
  • Any services a broker provides that a client has not paid for might be considered an inducement
MPI Europe have partnered to provide MiFID research and inducements solutions

In response to MiFID II, brokers and IRPs are working to define their pricing and payment activity with each of their clients. MPI can provide processes and software that automates and simplifies the entire process. Our solution helps you manage your research pricing, service catalogue, invoicing, negotiation and budget forecasting across all of your clients. By providing your management, sales and research teams, and administrators a single portal to view all client and consumption data, you can efficiently address the inducement requirements imposed by MiFID II.

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